‘Barefoot Science’ is an insole or foot orthotics system that is based on the claims that they strengthen the foot muscles.

Curated Resources:
http://www.runresearchjunkie.com/barefoot-science/ (Running Research Junkie)
https://podiatryarena.com/index.php?threads/barefoot-science.4015/ (Podiatry Arena)
https://podiatryarena.com/index.php?threads/barefoot-science-foot-strengthening-system.73285/ (Podiatry Arena)
http://www.podiatryonline.tv/barefoot-science.htm (Podiatry TV)
http://podiapaedia.org/wiki/foot-orthotics/types-of-foot-orthotics/commercial-brands/barefoot-science/ (Barefoot Science)

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