Overpronation is a term that is widely used and misused in the running community and on the prescription of running shoes. There has been a lot written on the web about this and an incredible amount of misinformation has been written. It can be difficult for the average runner searching for information on this to understand what is myth and what is right (ie supported by the evidence).

Curated Resources:
http://podiatric.blogspot.co.nz/2011/12/overpronation-in-runners.html (Podiatry Update)
http://www.podiatrysanfrancisco.com/biomechanics-2/what-can-be-done-for-overpronation/ (Podiatry San Francisco)
http://www.therunninginjury.com/my-advice-if-you-overpronat/22/ (Running Injury Advice)
http://www.runresearchjunkie.com/the-nonsensical-understanding-of-overpronation/ (Run Research Junkie)
http://www.podiatrymiami.com/what-is-overpronation/ (Podiatry Miami)
http://www.runresearchjunkie.com/risk-of-injury-from-pronation/ (Run Research Junkie)
http://podiapaedia.org/wiki/biomechanics/clinical-biomechanics/concepts/overpronation/ (PodiaPaedia)
http://www.itsafootcaptain.com/pronation-mythology/ (Its a Foot)

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